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Understanding the environmental performances of construction products is a growing expectation for professionals in the building chain. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the most reliable tool available to assess the green credentials of construction products and enables us to communicate credible, fact-based information about our products to consumers. LCA is a comprehensive methodology to evaluate the environmental impacts of a product according to specific ISO or EN standards (ISO 25930 and EN 15804). All Saint-Gobain activities, including Rigips, assesses a product over its whole life cycle from „cradle to grave”, meaning from the extraction of raw materials to the product’s end-of-life.
The results of a LCA are presented in the form of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which has been checked by an independent third party, therefore it is „verified”. It is published only in English.

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EPD-Gyptone Activ'Air 10 mm vastag S-P-00941 EPD Gyptone 10 mm with Activ Air.pdf1.98 MB
EPD-Gyptone Activ'Air 12,5 mm vastag S-P-00942 EPD Gyptone 12.5 mm with Activ Air.pdf1.98 MB
Gyptone BIG Activ'Air 12,5mm EPD-Gyptone-Big-Boards-12-5-mm-Activ-Air.pdf738.86 KB
Gyptone Tiles Activ'Air 10mm EPD-Gyptone-Ceiling-Tiles-10-mm-Activ-Air.pdf753 KB
Habito Habito.pdf4.94 MB
Habito H Hydro Habito Hydro.pdf5.09 MB
Rigips 12.5 mm RF Fireboard 20_11_26_EPD_RF 12.5mm_HU.pdf2.11 MB
Rigips Blue Acoustic 2.0 Fire&Moisture Plasterboard 20_11_26_EPD_Acoustic_Blue20_Fire&moisture_12.5mm_HU.pdf2.09 MB
Rigips Blue Acoustic RF Fireboard 20_11_26_EPD_Acoustic_BlueRF_12.5mm_HU.pdf2.1 MB
Rigips RB 12.5mm Standard Plasterboard 20_11_26_EPD_RB_12.5mm_HU_0.pdf2.08 MB
Rigips RBI 12.5mm Moisture Resistant Plasterboard 20_11_26_EPD_RBI_12.5mm_HU_0.pdf1.43 MB